Meaning of numbers (9)- good start to the week

On Mondays, I usually go to a local noodle place called Wok for my weekly dose of pot noodles. The reason for this is that they offer double loyalty stamps for every noodle pot I purchase on Mondays. Today I decided to buy four pots of noodle which would amount to eight stamps. As I mentioned in previous blogs, the numbers four 4 and eight 8 are hugely significant in our Chinese custom, the former meaning ‘death’ and hence misfortune and the latter ‘prosperity’ and hence good fortune. This double stamp deal, therefore, turns misfortune (4) into good fortune (8), which is not a bad way to start the week. However, when I reached Wok, I discovered that they had stopped their double stamp offer (probably due to poor sales recently) and was forced to stick with four stamps. I did not like that and got pretty desperate, but when looked at my loyalty card, I discovered that I had five stamps on it. I quickly requested to change my order to three pots, which made it eight 8 stamps on my card. The deal may have stopped, but the good fortune remains. A small trick to start the week in high spirits. A good week to you all!

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